Friday, January 7

The Cockraoaches, Jo Nesbo

In The Cockroaches the Norwegian ambassador to Thailand is found killed in a hotel room. Photos of naked boys, very young, are found. This must of course be kept a secret.

The alcoholic police detective Harry Hole is sent to Thailand. He starts digging his way and discovers things are not exactly what they seem to be.

This is a really great crime thriller. Sometimes perhaps a bit slow but as I've come to know Nesbos hero Hole I've also come to appreciate the tempo and his style of investigation.

It takes a while to get used to the fact that Harry Hole always messes things up, not the least for himself. But once you do get used to him you will probably start to love him, I know I have.

The Cockroaches is Jo Nesbos second book with Harry Hole. Jo Nesbo has been immensely successful breaking sales records and has been awarded Best Norwegian Crime Novell Ever Written in 2004 (for Redbreast) amongst a whole range of awards.

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